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Buck Hire

We offer goat bucks on a monthly hire for those who don't wish to own a buck. This is a great service for smallholders who only keep a couple does to commercial herds who want to expand their gene pool.

Transport is available for collection/delivery.

Our Bucks


Pymore Fred is our pedigree registered boer buck who has taken after his father in every way. Available for £75/Month

Sire: Himmon Horatio

Dam: Exmoor Kirsty


Pymore Paul is a boer x toggenburg boy who hopefully will produce some great meat goats as a result. Available for £60/Month

Sire: Ambernelly Mr Twiddles


Hendre Hector is another pure bred boer buck who is certainly ready to work. Available for £75/Month

Sire: Hendre Henrey

Dam: Hendre Florence

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