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Terms & Conditions

The hirer will collect and deliver the trailer back to Mr Sam Robins at Riverside, Mosterton, DT83JD. The trailer will be returned clean unless agreed upon before. The Hirer will have sufficient license to tow a trailer. The Hirer will be have insurance to cover the trailer while in their care. Any damage upon return of trailer to be paid for by Hirer or their Insurance. Mr Sam Robins does not take any responsibility for use of trailer whilst in Hirers care. Mr Sam Robins will ensure trailers are fit for purpose (lights/brakes work etc) and complete maintenance on them.

All hirers are required to provide a driving licence and 1 utility (dated less than 3 months) and proof of insurance cover. Upon collection the hirer will perform a walk around inspection and sign that they are happy, Upon return Mr Sam Robins will also perform a walk around inspection.

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