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Terms & Conditions



All horses/ponies must have their passports with them during travel – this is a legal requirement under the Horse Passports (England) Regulation 2004. We regret that we cannot transport your horse/pony if it does not have its passport with it and you will be charged in accordance to our cancellation policy.  


Under the Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 1997 (WATO) we cannot transport any animal unless it is fit for travel. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their animal is allowed and fit for travel. If your animal is incapable of, or unfit for, travel, in our opinion, we reserve the right to refuse to transport it and you will be charged in accordance to our cancellation policy.  


Whilst we have our own insurance in place, you must ensure that your animal is properly insured to travel and also participate in any activities you intend to take part in before and after you arrive at your destination (including public liability for damage to persons/property caused by your animal).    


Reasonable wear and tear to our vehicles/trailers is expected and covered in my fee for transportation, but customers will be liable to cover the cost of repair for any excessive damage caused by their animals to the transport vehicle.  


Any quote for transport will include 45 minutes of loading time free of charge. After this a fee of £10 for every 30 mins will be applied. In the rare case that loading in not achieved you will be charged in accordance to our cancellation policy


I am happy to carry some tack or other equipment along with your animals but any loss or damage to personal items is the customer’s responsibility.


All journeys are to be paid for in full before by the day of transport. 

Trailer Hire

The hirer will collect and deliver the trailer back to us at Riverside, Mosterton, DT83JD.

The trailer will be returned clean unless agreed upon before.

The Hirer will have sufficient license to tow a trailer.

The Hirer will be have insurance to cover the trailer while in their care. Any damage upon return of trailer to be paid for by Hirer or their Insurance.

We do not take any responsibility for use of trailer whilst in Hirers care.

We will ensure trailers are fit for purpose (lights/brakes work etc) and complete maintenance on them.

All hirers are required to provide a driving licence and 1 utility (dated less than 3 months) and proof of insurance cover. Upon collection the hirer will perform a walk around inspection and sign that they are happy, Upon return we will also perform a walk around inspection.

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